Sipping on Cali Red: Snoop Dog wine rolling into UK stores

Ain’t nothin’ but a gangsta winery: Snoop Dogg’s Cali Red will be available in the UK from 8 August.

TREASURY Wine Estates has added some West Coast flavour to its portfolio through a collaboration with rap legend Snoop Dogg.

Cali Red by Snoop lands in the UK on 8 August with distribution through wholesale, impulse and other retail channels. Packaging for the new wine puts Snoop front and centre with the rapper featuring prominently on the label. There is a collectable element to the launch too, as Cali Red packs will roll out with five collectable corks, each featuring a unique image of the artist.

Treasury Wine Estates said Cali Red was created with input from the self-proclaimed Doggfather, who reckons his wine has a broad appeal.

Snoop Dogg said: “I didn’t grow up a wine drinker. Wine was foreign to me in my neighbourhood, but I love it now and the community, so I wanted to create a wine that cut away all the noise and looked and tasted like something people who don’t usually drink wine would want to try.

“I was involved in the tasting process and just knew from the first sip, everyone was gonna love it. I’m excited to be bringing Cali by Snoop to the UK and share this experience with my fans.”

Treasury Wine Estates plans to support the launch with a marketing campaign that will include in-store displays and promotions, out-of-home advertising, PR, digital and social media activity, and an in-person event. Cali Red’s launch will also see Treasury Wine Estates embrace augmented reality technology; a QR code found on packs invites consumers to ‘Ask the Doggfather’ questions and links to a site where the D.O.G.G will share his wisdom.

The winemaker has predicted that Cali Red by Snoop will be a “huge hit” with millennial consumers.

Ben Blake, head of marketing EMEA at Treasury Wine Estates, said: “It is such an honour honour to partner with music icon Snoop Dogg, and bring a wine of such quality to the UK.

“Cali by Snoop is a brand that honours Snoop’s story, one which tells of overcoming adversity, beating the odds, and taking his place as a leader in contemporary pop culture. Snoop embodies the timeless values of perseverance and redemption. No doubt, Cali Red, the first wine to launch in the portfolio will be a hit with fans of Snoop Dogg and we’re excited to see how this brand grows over the coming years.”