Red Edition is staying put

Summer SKU gets a permanent listing

Launched as a limited-edition pack, Red Bull Red Edition has permanent status.

RED Bull has elevated its summer limited edition flavour to permanent status following impressive sales figures over the season.

The watermelon flavoured Red Bull Red Edition was originally launched as a limited time only product, but the energy drinks giant has chosen to continue offering the SKU after it sold more than 150,000 cans within one month of launch.

Red Bull Red Edition is available in a 250ml can priced at £1.35 RRP.

The decision coincides with the launch of a new on-pack promotion for the brand.

Red Bull’s new Air Mail promotion is running across Red Bull Energy Drink 250ml four-pack. The promotion launched in the impulse channel in October with a roll out to wider grocery expected this month.

The campaign consists of a limited-edition sleeve on four-packs which, once opened, becomes a postcard offering a free sample pack for consumers to gift to a friend or family member.

To claim the sample pack, consumers are invited to enter a code found Air Mail sleeves online.

The promotion is being supported by in-store activity and a digital marketing campaign.

A spokesperson for Red Bull said: “Red Bull Air Mail aims to leverage existing users to drive new multipack users, as well as maintaining four-pack distribution and rate of sale in the impulse and grocery channel, which in turn will contribute to the overall growth of the sports and energy category.”