Golden ticket for takeaways

Campaign offers free food for one year

crisp packets
The Great Golden Wonder Takeaway Giveaway will run across packs until July.

THE big night in is at the heart of the latest on-pack promotion from Tayto – The Great Golden Wonder Takeaway Giveaway.

As part of the campaign, Tayto is offering shoppers the chance to win free takeaway meals for a year through a partnership with delivery platform Deliveroo.

The promotion is scheduled to run across Golden Wonder SKUs until July. A TV and video-on-demand ad burst highlighting the campaign launched last month and is scheduled to run until 14 June.

Matt Smith, marketing direcor at Golden Wonder said: “We are thrilled to be teaming up with Deliveroo to present this fantastic prize offer, in what is their first on-pack partnership with a snack brand.

“We’re constantly striving to deliver what our customers want and this doesn’t just stop with our fully-flavoured range of snacks.

“To make sure our 2020 promotion engaged our customers and really grabbed their attention, we looked at current food trends.

“Takeaways are growing massively. 70% of UK adults agree that they would prefer the comfort of eating at home rather than dressing up to go out, with 22% of consumers saying they have a takeaway at least weekly and 59% at least monthly.”

Gouldsmith added that from the perspective of Golden Wonder, there are three keys to big night in success: “shareability”, price and flavour.

“In the convenience sector, where single pack sales remain a key part of the range, there has been a relentless shift over the past five years from impulse packs to sharing packs – often £1 PMP.

“Consumers see sharing as offering better value and the number of £1 products available has increased significantly as well as the amount of space they are given in most stores.

“Increasingly, savvy retailers are thinking about sales spikes over the weekly cycle – and promoting relevant products accordingly,” he said.