A winederful addition

Wine is the perfect partner for a summer barbecue

Keeping wine in the chiller can encourage impulse purchases en route to parties

A BOTTLE of wine makes the perfect addition to any successful barbecue.

However, as noted by Amy Giacobbi, marketing manager for Continental Wine & Food Ltd, Scottish barbecues tend to be impromptu – thanks to our unpredictable weather – which is great news for convenience retailers.

With short notice a given when it comes to Scottish sunshine, shoppers will ideally want to pick up a pre-chilled bottle of wine on their way to a barbecue.

Giacobbi suggested retailers capitalise on this by ensuring top sellers are chilled and ready to go and she added that simplicity could be the secret to wine success this summer.

“Do not over complicate the wine fixture, otherwise it can be a daunting experience for the customer,” she said.

“Simplicity is the key.  Either separate the wine into red, white, rosé or sparkling or by wine style.”

The CWF wine marketing manager also suggested that retailers encourage their suppliers to offer a bit of support with displays, suggesting they may be able to help by providing free-standing display units and promotional material.

“These both create stand out for the consumer and encourage trial,” she said.

Giacobbi also suggested that the firm’s Straw Hat brand would prove popular throughout the summer, as consumers looked for wines that were produced in Britain.

Straw Hat’s 2.25L ‘Bag in Box’ format is particularly well suited to parties and get-togethers, with each box containing the equivalent of three x 75cl bottles.

“It stays fresh for up to six weeks after opening and also represents excellent value for money for the consumer,” according to Giacobbi.