Choice is the key to success

PVM expects to see sugar free shine in the year ahead

SUGAR has come under the spotlight with campaign groups and the Scottish Government both keen to see consumption curtailed, while shoppers take their own steps to reduce their intake.

With demand for low and no sugar alternatives on the up, retailers who don’t dedicate shelf space to sugar free could be missing a trick.

Perfetti Van Melle, the firm behind Mentos and Smint, hasn’t dithered when it comes to sugar free, with range extensions across brands tapping into demand.

Last year PVM expanded its sugar-free Smint offer with the launch of Smint Xtrm — an extra-strong menthol eucalyptus mint.

The firm’s Mentos brand also has plenty to offer shoppers concerned with their sugar intake thanks to Mentos Stay Free.

Mark Roberts, trade marketing manager at PVM, indicated that the brand will continue
to offer shoppers plenty of choice in their quest for sugar free.

“With the increased spotlight on sugar, retailers are opting to give healthier snacking products increased space, often at the expense of sugar-based confectionery.

“However, each shopper desires different offerings in the market, therefore we don’t wish to dictate what they should and shouldn’t buy,” he said.

“Instead by providing choice and information we allow conscious consumer selections to be made.

“In 2019 we will continue to lead the way in Better For You, emphasising the benefits of our reduced and sugar free offering, alongside our best-selling core products.”