PMPs key in convenience

Soft drink shoppers will look for PMP

CCEP said shoppers are more likely to try NPD if it comes in a price-marked pack

SOFT drinks are one of the most valuable categories to convenience store retailers, with the category performing well even in the colder months.

To really make the most of soft drinks, energy drink brand Red Bull reckons retailers must ensure they stock PMP versions of popular brands, or risk missing out on sales.

Rich Fisher, category development manager at Red Bull UK, said:  “Price-marked packs continue to play a strong role in convenience outlets by delivering a greater perception of value to consumers, with 76% of shoppers saying PMPs help a convenience store’s price image  and 38% of shoppers agreeing that PMPs reassure them that they are not being overcharged in a convenience store.

“Similarly, 21% of shoppers said they wouldn’t buy a soft drink from a convenience store if it wasn’t a PMP,  and 22% of convenience store shoppers buy PMP’s ‘every’ or ‘most times’ they visit a store.”

He said that PMPs are delivering 26% more value than plain packs, with 44% of shoppers more likely to buy a product if PMP is visible.

This was echoed by Amy Burgess, senior trade communications manager at Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP), who said that shoppers would also be more likely to try a completely new product if sold in a PMP.

Red Bull found 21% of shoppers insist on PMPs in c-stores

“PMPs are an effective way to encourage consumers to trial new products,” she said,  “thanks to the perceived value they offer.

“Research shows that almost half (43%) of shoppers claim that they’d be more likely to try a new line if it was sold in a PMP.

“An irresistible offer can often encourage a shopper to buy an item they had no intention of picking up when they entered the store, and PMPs are an ideal way of presenting great perceived value to consumers.”

To maximise sales in PMP products, retailers must ensure they merchandise effectively, with Burgess advising retailers include low and no sugar PMP options.

And to boost sales even further she also advised using second sightings of PMP offers, in locations such as those close to the entrance or by the check-out.

Despite the opportunity they provide, PMPs are not necessarily suitable for all stores, but Burgess said CCEP would continue to consider these retailers by offering plain packs across its range.

“Retailers are at the heart of our price-marking strategy.

“While our PMPs are designed to provide an affordable single price point, we also provide plain packs across all of our formats and brands to help retailers choose the right option for them and, ultimately, it’s their choice as to which products they choose to focus on in store,” she said.