Razzaq rolls out DRS in Blantyre

Mo Razzaq collects his store’s new RVM

VETERAN retailer Mo Razzaq has installed a reverse vending machine (RVM) in his Family Shopper store in Blantyre.

Working in partnership with East Kilbride based supplier Excel Vending, the RVM has been installed as part of a six-month trial, with the goal of seeing how deposit return might operate in a convenience store environment. Excel Vending is also engaged in RVM trials with a number of larger grocery retailers.

As part of the trial, customers at Family Shopper Blantyre are encouraged to return their single-use bottles and cans — which can be purchased from any store — in exchange for a 10p deposit or a donation to charity.

When using the machine, shoppers can choose between a 10p discount at Family Shopper Blantyre’s Roxy’s Desserts concession, or choose to donate to one of four charities: The Haven, Blantyre Soccer Academy, The Blantyre Telegraph or Hamilton Foodbank.

Installed in December, Razzaq’s reverse vending machine left customers “a bit puzzled at first” according to the retailer, who said a big part of the trial was about educating a public that’s still somewhat unaware of what DRS entails.

Since Razzaq has started engaging  with shoppers on DRS and teaching them about the system, he said the uptake has been fantastic.