Three chews a day to fight decay

Starburst chewing gum

MARS Wrigley has been promoting the oral health benefits of its chewing gum range. Of all the gums it sells,  Mars Wrigley claims 97% are sugar free and it reckons that chewing sugar free gum, in addition to brushing teeth twice a day, especially after eating or drinking, improves oral healthcare.

According to Mars Wrigley, research published in the British Dental Journal in February 2016 revealed significant potential cost savings on dental treatments thanks to the role chewing sugar free gum plays in helping to prevent tooth decay.

Marketing director Dan Newell said: “As chewers increasingly look for a convenient addition to their oral care routine, it’s important for retailers to understand that gum is a healthy option to stock at the till point. Gum isn’t just good for your teeth; it’s good for impulse sales too.”

“Research by York Health Economics Consortium and Peninsula Dental School, Plymouth University, with support from Mars Wrigley, found that if all 12-year-olds across the UK chewed sugar free gum three times a day the NHS could save up to £8.2m a year.”