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Boost NPD aims to tap into demand for fruit

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DEMAND for new flavours has been fueling innovation across the soft drinks category and energy brand Boost has brought its own NPD to the table, adding some fruity flavour to the chiller.

Boost’s new 250ml sugar-free Punch Power aims to tap into two trends, increasing demand for healthier options and the growing popularity of fruit flavours.

The new variant is a blend of mango, passionfruit and cranberry, flavours which Boost reckons are bang on trend.

A spokesperson for the firm said: “Consumers are always looking for something new to try.

“We know that adding new and exciting flavours to our range continually creates excitement and brings new customers into the category, as well as giving existing customers something new to try.

“Boost’s new 250ml sugar-free Punch Power captures emerging fruit flavour trends. We’ve also ensured its sugar-free to ensure it appeals to the growing set of consumers who are looking for more sugar-free options on the shelf.”

It’s not just Punch Power that Boost reckons can tap into current trends. As the warmer months approach, the brand’s spokesperson suggested retailers consider the opportunity Boost Sport can provide.

“As we move into the warmer months retailers should be starting to think about drinks to accompany fitness and sports.

“We know that consumers look for more opportunities to pick up soft drinks on impulse in the warmer months, and Boost Sport rehydrates and gives customers the fuel to perform better for longer, whilst offering the same great taste and value that Boost is known for.

“Boost is the only sports brand showing trend growth as other options have had a much higher price point or put people off as they seemed aimed at serious sports enthusiasts.

“Boost Sport tastes great and is brilliant value so although its perfect for sporty types, it’s also very appealing to any shopper wanting a tasty drink or alternative to water.”