Merchandise for success

Busy consumers want taste and convenience

Diet Coke cans
CCEP has extended its Diet Coke range with the launch of new fruit flavours

WHETHER a shopper has come into the store for their big weekly shop, supplies for a night in, or looking to pick up something to be consumed on-the-go, Coca-Cola European Partners says it is important to make the experience easy for them by merchandising products so they can be located quickly and efficiently.

CCEP trade communications manager Amy Burgess said shoppers often visit c-stores with a specific goal in mind, which means its important to make the soft drinks fixture as easy to shop as possible.

“For consumers looking to enjoy their soft drink straight away, retailers can capitalise by focusing on their chilled soft drinks offering.

“It’s worth keeping stocks high to meet increasing demand for drinks on-the-go, with as wide a choice of products as possible, considering a rage of different sectors, variants and pack formats to appeal to every consumer taste and occasion,” she said.

Merchandising suggestions from CCEP included adding secondary sightings where space is available as a means of catching customers’ attention as they shop other categories.

“Secondary sighting is a great way to help boost sales in-store by appealing to mission shoppers by highlighting the products they need.

“Once the main display has been utilised, retailers could benefit from showcasing products in other areas, such as close to the entrance of the store, aisle ends or adjacent to the till queuing lane to help attract shoppers’ attention and prompt purchase,” said Burgess.”

• CCEP has put its money where its mouth is in terms of catching consumer attention thanks to a new £10m marketing campaign which is currently underway.

Coinciding with the launch of two new Diet Coke flavours, Exotic Mango and Feisty Cherry, the campaign encourages shoppers to ‘live life unapologetically’ and features TV personality Holly Willoughby as brand ambassador.

Exotic Mango and Feisty Cherry are the first new flavours to be introduced for the brand since 2003.