A world in a mug

Mug Shot World Cup special flavours

CONSUMERS are increasingly willing to experiment with more adventurous flavours from around the world, according to Symington’s, brand owner of Mug Shot, so it’s helpful that its latest variant is World Cup themed.

The Russian One Beef Stroganoff Pasta limited-edition Mug Shot will be available from the start of May to ensure retailers have ample time to stock up pre-tournament.

Mike Benton, head of snacking at Symington’s, said: “Consumer love for convenience continues to endure and we’ve found people more likely to eat multiple small meals than they are to stick to the traditional three set meal times.

“Consumers are also more likely to eat more at work or on the go than would usually be expected as time pressures affect how and when they have their meals. This is of course good news for snack foods and we feel changing consumer habits have contributed to the growth of brands like our Mug Shot On The Go variant which is up 66% over the last 12 weeks and worth £2.7m.”