“Take notice” of demand for healthier soft drinks

VIMTO has urged retailers to act on what it sees as growing demand for healthier soft drinks this summer.

Ed Jones, senior customer marketing manager for Vimto Soft Drinks, said: “Consumer demands are changing, and retailers together with the soft drinks industry, need to take notice in order to maximise sales opportunities.

We know that as many as 54% of consumers are currently looking for low sugar in their purchases. However, no added sugar currently only accounts for 21% of the soft drinks range stocked in most impulse stores. This goes to show the scale of the opportunity.

“With obesity and sugar consumption high on the government agenda, demand for no added sugar will continue to rise.”

The company has extended the Vimto No Added Sugar range in a move that it says has proven popular with consumers and retailers alike, with sales increasing by 11% year on year.