Marmite spat suggests price issues ahead

sh-marmite-jar-and-toastUNILEVER brand Marmite made it on to the nation’s front pages last month as it and many other of the giant group’s brands began disappearing from Tesco’s online shopping website.

It was widely reported that Unilever had sought to impose a 10% blanket wholesale price increase –in response to cost hikes resulting from the fall in the value of sterling after the vote by the UK to leave the European Union.

The brands retuned to the Tesco site after what seemed could have been a climbdown by Unilever.

However, many analysts are predicting a return to significant price inflation with some estimates predicting a rate of 3% by this time next year.

But the price comparison website says there’s no sign of food price inflation yet.

It reported its sample trolley of goods in September this year cost £83.19, which was 16p cheaper than the previous month and some £2.74 cheaper than the same goods in September 2015.