Tobacco firm launches consumer pack info

jti-american-spirit-ff-blue-30gAS plain packs which comply with rules governing cigarette and tobacco products in the UK after 20 May next year begin to appear in shops, one of Britain’s biggest tobacco companies, JTI, has launched a campaign to tell smokers about the changes.

The campaign explains EUTPD2  and UK plain pack rules to the public through online material at the dedicated website and in in-store materials like posters and leaflets – available to retailers through their reps.

Jeremy Blackburn, JTI head of communications, said: “I can well imagine in the days, weeks and months ahead the conversations that might be taking place between customer and retailers. While standardised packaging has been big news, the loss of smaller pack sizes is not something the average smoker is familiar with. Our concern is that retailers might be confronted over that and unfortunately, in some circumstances, people may think it’s their fault.

“What the new website does is provide retailers with a resource they can point customers towards, explaining all the changes. In store, our reps will be placing literature and posters to back this up.”