JTI finds Gold retailers

Five lucky retailers win £50k each in Mayfair Gold promo

Five lucky retailers have won £50,000 in JTI’s Mayfair Gold ‘Go for Gold’ promo.

JTI UK has confirmed the five lucky winners of its £250k prize draw as part of its ‘Go for Gold’ promo for the launch of Mayfair Gold.

Each retailer took home £50,000 after entering the in-depot competition which launched in October 2023 to celebrate the introduction of the new, ultra-value factory-made cigarette.

Retailers who purchased an outer of Mayfair Gold in participating depots were automatically entered into a prize draw to win one of the five prizes up for grabs.

Winner Neil Ramlagan, retailer at Jay’s General Store in Bolton, said: “When I got the phone call that I was one of the five winners of the top prize, it was an amazing feeling as I’ve never won anything like this. I plan to use my winnings on a nice family holiday, and then invest in my store.”

Ajay Desai from Morris & Co in Croydon, spoke of the luck he had recently on top of the £50k price. He said: “It was a huge surprise to receive the call that I was one of the five winners, I also won a few Amazon vouchers on the ‘Spin the Wheel’ game, so I have been very lucky!

“I even brought a friend with me who has his own store, and he won some Amazon vouchers too. I plan to invest the winnings on maintenance work for my store.”

With ongoing financial pressures, adult smokers are seeking any way they can cut back on expenses and this carries through to the gantry.

JTI reckons this places the Mayfair Gold brand in a strong position for those consumers seeking the convenience of a factory-made cigarette option that remains at an affordable price.

Mark McGuinness, marketing director at JTI UK, said: “The ultra-value sector remains a key priority for us, as the fastest-growing segment in both RMC and roll-your-own tobacco.

“The successful launch of Mayfair Gold, in no small part, is down to the efforts of retailers across the country. So, we are thrilled to be able to fuve back to our trade partners and retailers as a thank you for their continued support.

“Our biggest congratulations go out to all the successful retailers.”