Soft option for mixing it in the morning

Graham-natural-quarkA recent addition to the Graham’s the Family Dairy range is soft cheese Quark.

Naturally fat-free, low in salt and high in protein, Graham’s says it’s the type of product that health-conscious consumers are looking for.

A spokesperson said: “Early research shows that general awareness of quark in Scotland is around 46%, with around 16% of people having bought it before. 

“Over three quarters of those who have tried it are very likely to buy it again, so that tells us that people are welcoming new options and variety.”

The spokesperson said that Quark offers versatility at breakfast time as it can be mixed with fresh berries or honey and granola and can be used in the making of pancakes and scones.

The spokesperson added: “For toast and crumpets in the morning, many families opt for a spreadable butter option and Graham’s offers a wide range. 

“The spreadable butter market is in growth. It accounts for approximately 70% of Scotland’s total butter sales.”