Meeting demand for protein

Topped pies from Pork Farms. Snackerz new from Bowyers.
Topped pies from Pork Farms. Snackerz new from Bowyers.

BUSY commuters, drivers, and people who eat at their desks are target consumers for the new Snackerz range from Bowyers.
Mini egg bites and cocktail sausages are both available in bags of seven and Snackerz mini sausage rolls are packed in bags of six.
The range is also available in tubs including either 12 mini sausage rolls, 18 mini egg bites or 20 cocktail sausages.
A spokesperson for Bowyers said: “The move reflects customer insight and the demand for a protein-based snack.
“Research shows that 41% of eat-now occasions are snacking, meaning the launch of the grab bags is providing a solution.”

• The Pork Farms Topped Pies range from Addo Food Group has been extended by the addition to the portfolio of mini pies topped with sweet chilli.
Kim Burgess, head of markets at Addo Food Group said: “Our chefs at Pork Farms have listened to our customers by developing the Sweet Chilli Topped Pies meeting foodie credentials and delivering the mini Topped Pies picnic and party food.”
The new Pork Farms Sweet Chilli Topped Mini Pork Pies line has been introduced to the market at a promotional price of £1.00.