Imports on board


THE desire for everyday indulgence and the trend to use cheeseboards are encouraging consumers to look for more continental cheeses according to Bel UK.
But a spokesperson added: “Although consumers are becoming more adventurous in their cheese choices, some find it hard to navigate this ever-expanding category and turn to well known household brands such as Boursin, Leerdammer and Port Salut.”
Bel says its creamy Boursin fits a cheeseboard or picnic menu with a range of flavours including original garlic and fine herbs, black pepper or shallot and chive.
Leerdammer is said to be one of Bel’s most successful imports. The spokesperson suggested its mild taste makes it versatile saying: “Leerdammer’s leading position in the natural cheeses category means consumers have access to a trusted range of products that allow them to make the most of the summer season with Leerdammer Toastie & Burger as a topping on barbecue burgers and Original slices as a sandwich filler.”
Quoting Nielsen research, Bel said adult cheese snacking is worth almost £17m and grew by 6.4% over 2015.
It reckons emerging trends show the market is ready for its new Laughing Cow Mini Cravings product.
The spokesperson said: “A growing trend is the increasing popularity of snack cheeses such as Mini Babybel.
“Containing 14 calories per cube Laughing Cow Mini Cravings ensures that consumers can satisfy their snacking cravings without guilt or compromising on taste.”