Time to top up?

Addo chilli topped pies 2[10]FOOD group Addo has launched new Sweet Chilli Topped Mini Pork Pies as part of its Pork Farms Topped Pies range.

The firm says recent research had shown it that variety and new flavours are wanted by consumers of  chilled savoury pastry products.

Additions to  the Pork Farms Topped Pies range are intended to serve what the company sees as increasing demand for  classic favourites with a twist.

Kim Burgess, head of markets at Addo Food Group said the Sweet Chilli Topped Pies pleased foodies and provided perfect new picnic and party food.

The new Pork Farms Sweet Chilli Topped Mini Pork Pies were made available last month, first in McColl’s and Nisa outlets, at an introductory price of £1.