Aiming to ride the premium health wave


A steadily improving economy and increasing levels of health consciousness present opportunities for premium soft drinks and for functional products, reckons Sunmagic brand manager Razin Ali.
And the company has launched three new ranges designed to grasp the opportunities.
It introduced its first not-from-concentrate range in the autumn, in three flavours: Seriously Smooth Orange; Orange Juice with Juicy Bits; and Cloudy Pressed Apple Juice (RRP £2 per litre).
Packed in specialist aseptic packaging, the drinks can be supplied as ambient stable products before being chilled in the fridge ready for the consumer.
“We also launched our Cold Pressed range in the autumn too,” said Ali.
It uses high pressure processing to extend the shelf life from seven to 45 days, and comes in Freshly Squeezed Orange and Cold Pressed Cloudy Apple Juice. It is available in 250ml PET bottles for both variants, and the Orange variant also comes in a 750ml PET bottle.
Sunmagic launched its first functional smoothie range in November.
Each smoothie contains a portion of vegetables and a portion of fruit.
“According to Mintel three in 10 people are interested in premium soft drinks with functional benefits as an antidote to today’s high stress levels. The new Sunmagic smoothies will resonate strongly with these consumers,” Razin Ali said.