Put the word on the street

LET people know you stock it if you want to sell more ice cream. That’s one of the top tips from Unilever’s Partners for Growth programme.

PfG SoleroA spokesperson said: “Ice cream is impulse-dominated.

“Simply letting people know you sell ice cream could increase sales by up to 15%.

“Don’t hide your cabinet. Keep it near the till and use POS material outside the store to bring shoppers in.”

Partners for Growth says almost anyone can be tempted to buy ice cream but shoppers usually look for a distinct type of product and one in 10 will not buy if the ice cream cabinet is confusing or untidy.

Selecting the right range is crucial and should cover all sub-categories: filled cones, chocolates snacks, children’s ice lollies and adult ice lollies.

The spokesperson said: “You can’t control the weather but, by planning ahead, you can make sure that you are in the best place to maximise sales when the sun does come out.

“Knowing when good weather is expected will help you manage your orders and ensure you’ve got sufficient stock to meet demand.

“Consider identifying a secondary supplier for ice cream, as stock can sell out fast in sunny weather – it’s disheartening to turn customers away because you haven’t stocked up.”