Getting together

BIG sporting occasions like the Olympics and Euro 2016 this summer could increase demand for snacks and other big-night-in products says Kim Burgess, head of markets at Addo Food group.

Pork Farms 4pk Branston Mini Pork Pies

Burgess said: “The desire to make more of an occasion of the family night and bring together different generations means snacks will be the go-to product – and pastry, for one, has a big role to play,”

Addo says in the last five years its chilled savoury pastry sales have doubled and – reporting  year-on-year growth of 6.8% – that those sales are now worth £66m.

Its newest products include Branston Pickle-topped pork pies from Pork Farms and a Walls Hog Roast Sausage Roll.

Plans also include adding three new pies to the Pork Farms range.