Variety the spice of partnership

Partnership is the way to achieve interesting and varied flavours according to Addo Food Group. It has joined forces with Branston to add two new products to its range.

PF 6pk Ploughmans Bites[1]
Category manager Debbie Gibbons said: “The demand for interesting and varied flavour combinations is a becoming a trend within this sector.
“Our Branston Pickle Pork Pies and Branston Pickle King Size Sausage Rolls provide a key point of difference within the category.”
Gibbons said consumer research found that more shoppers are looking for pastry snacks throughout the day  as fillers between meals.
Gibbons said including pastry snacks in meal deals could encourage shoppers to spend more by, for example, replacing a packet of crisps with a sausage roll.