Larger cravendale launched for families

Cravendale 3L Filtered milk brand Cravendale, from farmer-owned dairy company Arla Foods, is making moves in the milk aisle with its latest offering – a larger 3L pack. The launch aims to cater for family households, who consume milk often and in many different ways, with its latest launch – Cravendale 3L. Claire Mackintosh, brand manager at Cravendale said: “We can’t wait to see our 3L product on the shelf. We know that consumers shopping for their families are looking for products that can feed the whole family and can be purchased in one simple shop – this is the beauty of Cravendale 3L.  “We have very loyal Cravendale drinkers and for them this product is perfect. Milk is a staple in any fridge and the fact that Cravendale stays fresher for longer means we’re in the perfect position to offer this product.”