Social media and student route to sales

SOCIAL media allows consumers to talk directly to brands and gives brands the chance to respond in a familiar, friendly setting, says Maurice Newton, sales and marketing director at CBL Drinks.
He said: “As well as ensuring we offer parents products with no added sugar, we are currently changing the way we communicate with our audience.
“We plan to continue Perfectly Clear’s utilisation of social media over the coming year, helping us reach loyal customers and new audiences at once.”
Newton identified growing sales of “water plus” products as a significant current trend and said that the flavoured water category is showing annual growth of 17% while the juice market has declined by 20% in the past four years.
He added: “With a strong focus from the government and health bodies leading to greater awareness of the dangers of added sugars, retailers should look to develop the zero-sugar category so that they are offering a wide range of brands at the right price points.
“There has been huge focus on enhanced waters that are often flavoured in addition to offering vitamins and minerals.”
He identified students as an opportunity for convenience stores to increase sales.
He said: “The UK has an impressively large student population for its size, and students are an incredibly valuable customer group for retailers.
“As young adults fly the nest, they often find themselves fully in charge of their finances for the first time, and finding a local retailer they can rely on can be an important part of the transition into adulthood.
“Whilst their individual spending power isn’t massively large, word of mouth is a powerful tool, particularly for a generation that increasingly shares content via social media.”

Demand for no-added-sugar drinks is increasing, says CBL.
Demand for no-added-sugar drinks is increasing, says CBL.