Sweet opportunity with low and no

Energy drinks, like other soft drinks, have seen launches of low-calorie variants, bringing great opportunities for retailers, said Coca Cola Enterprises wholesale director Simon Harrison.

“Recognising the growing desire for low and no-calorie variants from shoppers, we invested significantly in relaunching our low-calorie variants in the Monster Energy and Relentless ranges over a year ago. Monster Absolutely Zero and Relentless Origin Ultra are an important part of our energy drinks portfolio, offering greater choice for consumers.

Mega Monster is an energy drink with a difference, it comes in a 553ml re-sealable can. Relentless Ultra is a zero-calorie variant. Monster Energy has launched a new promotion giving consumers the chance to win a track experience with current F1 champion Lewis Hamilton. Relentless’s links with the music industry continue with a second series of music show, Relentless Ultra Presents Soundchain.

“Value for money plays a big role for consumers in the convenience channel, price-marked packs are a great way of offering a premium product at an attractive price.

“PMPs are the ideal tool for growing sales on products, such as soft drinks, which are often bought on impulse. Many shoppers use these outlets for last-minute purchases, and offering perceived value for money can help to encourage them to buy a product.

“Helping to offer consumers a wide selection of formats, ‘Mega Monster’ is a larger 553ml can which comes complete with an innovative resealable cap. 

“This new format has been designed for consumers to drink as much or as little as they like, before resealing it to have later. Its launch follows CCE research which indicated 75% of people like the idea of a resealable can.”

“The energy drinks category is expanding all the time, so it’s important for retailers to focus on their best-sellers, whilst still trying where possible to offer variety to consumers. 

“As a basic offering, we’d suggest stocking the ‘original’ version of top brands, such as Monster Energy or Relentless Origin, together with the equivalent sugar-free option, such as Monster Energy Absolutely Zero and Relentless Origin Ultra.

“Where space allows, retailers should also look to stock sub-brands or different variants to increase choice, while a mix of premium and value products can also help to maximise their sales by offering an option to suit every consumer.”