Bottling the XX factor

Guinness OriginalGuinness Original goes back to the future to catch history fans

IT was a case of returning to its roots for Guinness Original when its bottles and cans were given a new look. When it was first bottled Guinness Original was labelled as the XX version of Guinness’s Porter and the double X has been reintroduced.
Marketing manager Nicola Parry said: “For over 256 years, we have been brewing quality beers that are loved all over the world, yet it was Guinness Original that really put us on the map, helping us develop into the iconic brand that we are today.
“By reminding people of the rich history of Guinness Original, we aim to bring new consumers into the category,” she said.
She added that until 1970, Guinness Original was probably the Guinness that most consumers drank and that the redesign was inspired by labels in the archive.
She said: “The redesign reflects consumer interest in beers with real stories, history and provenance.”