Looking to ‘stripe’ a deal with c-stores

7stripe electronic cigarettes

A new electronic cigarette brand, 7stripe, has been launched in the UK.
7stripe electronic cigarettes are said by the brand owner to be aimed at existing smokers who are looking for an alternative to tobacco and want an e-cig that is as close to the real thing as possible in terms of look, feel and flavour.
Managing director of 7stripe, Mark Smith, said: “The e-cig market is flooded with poor quality imports and that can be off-putting for many who are considering moving away from conventional tobacco cigarettes. Our goal with the 7stripe brand is to offer a trusted, safe range of products with a tobacco flavour that they’ll enjoy.”
7stripe electronic cigarettes use a Virginia tobacco flavour and are available as refillable or disposable options, and a menthol flavour is also available.
The company is currently selling its products online at www.7stripe.com and is seeking retail partners (point of sale displays are available). The launch is supported by a digital marketing campaign, including a viral advert parodying a famous scene from the movie Reservoir Dogs.