Lightening the load

V3xAction Velour  MOP AND BUCKETILEDA claims to have taken 56% of wet floor category sales in 2014 and has launched new products in its bid to remain the market leader in 2015.

Shopper product manager at Vileda Lindsey Taylor said: “Our extensive research shows that consumers’ key priorities are products that give exceptional performance. They don’t want heavy and cumbersome, they want products that are quick and easy to use, saving them time.

“In response to customer demand we are launching a range of electrical products including an innovative cordless 100˚C hot spray mop which removes 99.9% of bacteria, a steam mop, a Windomatic window vacuum to make cleaning windows and mirrors easier, leaving a streak-free finish and a household helper in the form of a cleaning robot.”

Spontex has added soap pads and a dishmop and refills to its range of scouring products. Spontex Soap Pads are steel wool pads filled with soap and the Spontex Dishmop has a long handle which dispenses soap.

Spontex jan 15 _Scourers_Soap Pad_Group Shot_V3

151 Products has launched two new Oven Brite products.

A trigger spray de-greaser and sponge eraser have been added to the range which also includes wipes, a spray and a boxed cleaning kit.

Dettol has released an antibacterial washing machine cleaner.

A company spokesperson said: “Dettol Washing Machine Cleaner is designed to ensure consumers can continue to wash at lower temperatures, confident that their washing machine is working efficiently.”