Tops of the morning

5x_0115BELVITA breakfast biscuits have a new variety. Belvita Tops, with a chocolate and hazelnut or strawberry topping, are designed to give consumers what brand owner Mondelez International calls “a different taste and texture experience”. The launch will be supported by a £2m marketing spend, including TV, radio, digital, out of home and sampling.
Tops are already on sale in France, where Mondelez says they provide the third-highest selling Belvita SKU.
Rick Lawrence, marketing manager Mondelez International, said: “You won’t find anything quite like this on the nation’s breakfast biscuit shelves at the moment.”
He said Belvita Tops will meet consumer demand for nutrition, convenience and taste.
“With great feedback in consumer testing, we’re confident that it’s going to be a big hit in the UK, for retailers and consumers alike,” he said.
RRP for a 250g pack (containing five packs of three biscuits) is £2.79.


• Kids’ cereal bar brand, Harvest Cheweee, has launched its first new flavour in three years – Strawberry Crush.
The individual bars have an RRP of 29p.