Not just for kids

Kerry Foods has Cheesestrings for kids and is developing other cheese snacks for adults.

CHEESE snacking products’ sales are worth £195m but the sub-category offers little choice for adults. And with nearly four times as many adults in the UK than children, there is significant room for growth, says Kerry Foods, which produces Cheesestrings, aimed at children and LowLow Cheddar for grown-ups.

The firm says more than 70% of consumers regularly miss a meal a day and 43% want a wider choice of healthier foods and its snack, which combines LowLow Cheddar, multigrain toast and a choice of three relishes, meets the demand.
• Bel UK has launched Mini Babybel Single – an individual wrapped and bar-coded portion of the cheese snack in shelf-ready packaging, to be merchandised on sandwich shelves. It will replace the brand’s existing Mini Babybel 2Go product, which contains two portions of the cheese snack.