Newsagents “baffled”

NEWSPAPER distributor Menzies has defended its charging structure, following accusations that its new prices had left retailers “baffled”.
The National Federation of Retail Newsagents (NFRN) called on Menzies to “come clean” after the distributor announced it had moved to a new model of CSC calculation “composed from a base charge, which changes based on a customer’s service model, combined with a variable charge, based on their news and magazines sales across a sampled 13 week period”.
NFRN national president Martyn Brown said: “This has totally baffled me and I know from reports that it has baffled other retailers.
“I would like Menzies to cut the jargon and be truly transparent when it comes to revealing its charging structure.”
However, Menzies Distribution has insisted the new CSC model does provide transparency for its customers.
“Every individual knows exactly what they will pay, the method by which we work it out and, crucially, that their CSC level is specific to their sales levels and their business,” said Dave Shedden, head of communications.