BNI isn’t all about the cash

Shots are one of many party drinks that should be stocked to meet night-in demand says Sourz marketing controller Emma Heath.

THE big night in has increased in popularity in recent years, and it’s an opportunity that shots brand Sourz actively targets.

For Emma Heath, marketing controller at Sourz, enthusiasm for big nights in isn’t necessarily a feature of a struggling economy. It can simply be an opportunity for people, in particular students and young adults, to enjoy nights in with friends or to get together before heading out to bars and clubs.
She reckons it’s important that convenience retailers stock a wide range of products to provide the essentials for nights in with friends. That includes beer, cider, RTDs, ingredients for cocktails and pitchers, and shot brands such as Sourz.
She suggests the Sourz range of fruit flavours (Apple, Mango, Raspberry, Cherry, Tropical and the latest addition to the permanent range, Toffee Apple) are must-stock items.
Share sizes are also important in snacks and soft drinks, as are party elements such as decorations, paper tableware and other items that will get the party started. Alcohol can’t be cross-merchandised with most other types of product in Scotland but the other items can be merchandised together in a party zone.

WKD’s Mix It Up pack – aimed at fans of RTD-based cocktails.

• “The big night in is now so firmly ingrained in the consumer psyche that we believe such events will continue to grow in popularity despite recent positive economic signals,” said Debs Carter, marketing director – alcohol at SHS Drinks, whose brand portfolio includes RTD brand WKD.
“Using RTDs in cocktails is one of the biggest recent drinks trends generally and one that directly affects in-home consumption,” she added.
“To drive sales for WKD stockists, we’ve just launched the 10 x 275ml ‘Mix It Up’ cocktail-themed pack.”