Oil farmers go for gold

EIGHT Scottish rapeseed growers have joined together to promote the product they are calling “Scotlands Gold”.

Scottish Rapeseed Oil, made up of producers of cold-pressed rapeseed oil, launched at the Royal Highland Show in June.
Members are Black & Gold, Borderfields, Cullisse, Mackintosh of Glendaveny, Ola Oils, Stark Oils, Summer Harvest and Supernature.
The group’s spokesperson claims that rapeseed oil is the fastest growing sector of the oils category in the UK, and is worth over £8m. But they argue that there is still enormous scope for demonstrating its taste and versatility for all types of cooking from roasting, frying and baking to drizzling and dipping.
The group’s first campaign is designed to show “why cold-pressed is best” and get more Scottish cold-pressed rapeseed oil into the nation’s kitchens.
The campaign will include competitions on social media and seasonal cooking ideas on the website.

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