Stock up for the heatwave

C-STORES should increase soft drinks stocks across the board to cater for increased consumption during hot weather. That’s the advice from Refresco Gerber, the company behind Just Juice, Sunny D and other brands.

Consumers can win a tennis lesson with John McEnroe this summer.
Consumers can win a tennis lesson with John McEnroe this summer.

The company claims that juice and juice drinks grew by 7% in value and 3% by volume between May and August last year. The best-selling format was the ambient single serve. Both 200ml and 500ml sizes were popular for picnics, outings and car trips. The company reports that customers also bought larger sizes, chilled, for barbecues and general use.
As people spend more on drinks, price becomes even more important, it says. “Price-marked packs help the decision making process for convenience store shoppers who are often rushed,” said James Logan, Refresco Gerber’s commercial director. “They draw attention to the drinks, make consumers feel they are getting value for money and encourage impulse purchases.”
As well as price-marking the one-litre pack of Just Juice at £1.19 or two for £2, Just Juice has an on-pack tennis promotion. It runs across the one-litre and 500ml cartons until 1 August, offering consumers the chance to win a tennis lesson with legendary player John McEnroe.
There is also a special edition 500ml Just Juice, launched in May to capitalise on the run up to the World Cup. It’s called Orange, Mango and Lime Brazil Blend.
Logan reckons many parents buying drinks for their children have an eye on health issues.
In 2013 Refresco Gerber introduced Del Monte Fruit Burst juice drink. A low-calorie drink, it has no added sugar and includes a B vitamin blend and folic acid which the company claims can combat tiredness and fatigue, which are exacerbated during hot weather and outings.
Del Monte Fruit Burst juice drinks have an RRP of £1.99 for a six-pack of 200ml cartons.
Umbongo, which Refresco Gerber claims grew by 228% last year, is a 20% juice drink. The brand is available for convenience stores in a one-litre ambient carton for RRP £1.29 and five-pack of 200ml cartons for £1.