New look for ale

MCEWAN’S Export has a new can design, part of the brewer’s plan to remodel the heritage brand for the 21st century.

McEwan’s ExportThe new McEwan’s Export look uses a different shade of red and updates the McEwan’s logo. The McEwan’s cavalier, with his flowing locks and jaunty hat, is unchanged and remains in pride of place, however.
Tara Karimian, brand manager for McEwan’s said: “In the last year we’ve been revitalising the McEwan’s range. We have brought new beers to the family including McEwan’s Red and our new premium bottled ales McEwan’s Amber and Signature.
“However we are also focusing on securing the future of our traditional favourites like McEwan’s Export. The new can gives the beer a fresher, more modern look to attract interest from a new wave of ale drinkers.”