World leading – Beer on the up

Lager edges up – but it’s all thanks to brews from across the globe says international bottled beers giant

Peroni Nastro Azzurro and Miller Genuine Draft, two of the beers in the Miller Brands portfolio.
Peroni Nastro Azzurro and Miller Genuine Draft, two of the beers in the Miller Brands portfolio.

PREMIUM lager sales are up marginally in the Scottish off-trade. But according to one of the main suppliers of imported and foreign-heritage beers that’s all thanks to world beers.

Miller Brands says the world beer sector is showing value growth of 19% in the Scottish off-trade, versus a 6.4% decline in everyday premium lager. Overall, that gives a 0.2% value growth in the total lager category, largely driven by world beer.
Miller Brands argues that world beers provide an opportunity for retailers to trade consumers up to higher margin lines.
And it links interest in craft beer to world beer suggesting recent consumer developments suggest there’s scope to make still more of the world beer products.
“There has been an increased consumer interest in more authentic sectors of the category in recent times, such as world beer and even craft beer,” a spokesperson said.
“Whilst volumes of craft are small, it still demonstrates that consumers want to discover new tastes and try different beers, which helps to drive world beer sales and overall category growth.”
Quoting Nielsen research findings Miller Brands says its own beer Peroni Nastro Azzurro is number-one world beer and has seen a value increase of 8.8% in the Scottish off-trade. Quoting TNS research it says customers see Italian brand Peroni as a beer ‘worth paying more for’ and the ‘most stylish beer brand available’.
Its Miller Genuine Draft is the third-biggest lager brand in the Scottish off-trade, Tyskie sells well to the UK’s Polish community and, says Miller Brands, beer fans recognise Pilsner Urquell as a high quality beer.
Four-packs perform well in the convenience channel, it adds.