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Ready? Steady? Already cooked!

Premier Foods’ latest launch under the Loyd Grossman umbrella, Risotto Kits, are aimed at giving one and two person households a complete meal solution
Loyd Grossman pan melts

Flavour dash in the pan

THE Loyd Grossman portfolio is being expanded with the introduction of Pan Melts. The Pan Melts range is made up of four Italian-inspired flavours: Wild...
Loyd Grossman,

Traditional flavours in the bag

LOYD Grossman has introduced a range of ready-to-use pour-over sauces. The four flavours are Creamy Parmesan & Cheddar, White Wine & Parsley, Creamy Peppercorn &...
Loyd Grossman

Loyd’s packs prove transparently saucy

THE Loyd Grossman range has two new ready-made sauces, said to help home cooks prepare stress-free lasagne. Tomato Sauce For Lasagne and White Sauce...