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A sparkling launch

The latest release from botanical drinks maker Fentimans offers a range of high-end soft drinks that contain less than 60 calories per bottle .

Springing into premium drinks

Soft drinks firm Fentimans has released a new fruity product to add to its premium portfolio

Exquisite style

FENTIMANS has overhauled its image with a rebrand across its range of premium mixers and soft drinks.
Appletiser, Feminans Ginger Beer and Belvoir Elderflower Pressé

Mixers matter

Long drinks, cocktails and mocktails rise in popularity during the festive season – and not just any soft drink will do, say producers

Health focus has helped category

Firms find premium soft drinks in ascendancy HEALTH has been high on the agenda for the soft drinks category in recent years with producers reformulating...

Curious cans

BOTANICALLY-brewed soft drink brand Fentimans has launched a canned range. Four Fentimans flavours are now available in 250ml slim cans. Flavours available are Curiosity Cola,...

Focusing on adults

Growing sector should be a hit this summer, says Fentimans SUMMER is game time for fresh flavours according to adult soft drinks firm Fentimans Botanical...