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Friday, May 27, 2022
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Marked snack growth

PMPs continue to be key to communicating value to consumers, particularly in impulse categories such as savoury snacks.

Functionality and flavour drive growth

Catching up with Get More Vits director and co-founder Steve Norris
Dark Horse Wine

Saddling up with digital campaign

Dark Horse has been riding onto Channel 4’s streaming platform as part of a new marketing push for the American wine brand.

Value in a price crisis

AS consumers face an economic squeeze, PMPs will come into their own.

Red Bull backs price marking

AFTER taste, price and value are the biggest sales drivers in the energy drink category, meaning those retailers that communicate a good deal will do well.

Alcohol free Italy

ITALIAN beer brand Peroni Nastro Azzuro now has something to offer those looking to avoid or reduce alcohol consumption.
Dr Oetker pizza

Overhaul for Oetker pizza

Italian inspiration is at the heart of a packaging refresh for Dr. Oetker’s Ristorante frozen pizza brand.

Snacks with a little bit more

SNACKS that offer a little more can provide retailers with a way to attract health conscious consumers and drive incremental sales.

A premium price mark

ONE in three UK adults say that knowing a convenience store uses PMPs positively influences their decision to visit, according to Lumina Intelligence.
Seabrook Alton Towers

Theme packs

Calbee UK is yet again offering consumers the chance to snap up free entry to a host of UK theme parks, through a partnership with Merlin Entertainment.

Healthy kids and happy parents

ONE consequence of the Covid crisis has been an increased focus on health, with many consumers making changes to the way they eat, drink and exercise.

Levi Roots clears up

LEVI Roots Caribbean Crush is now available in a fully recyclable, clear plastic bottle, complete with a new label.
Skittles squishy cloudz

Soft touch for Skittles

Mars Wrigley has broken new ground with the latest launch for its Skittles brand.

Punchy new energy pack

BOOST Drinks has reworked its Fruit Punch variant.

No gluten guaranteed

FREE from milk options are now commonplace, but not all dairy alternatives are created equal.

A new look for summer

KOPPARBERG has unveiled its summer look, as the brand rolls out a limited-edition label for peak cider season.