Absolut Vodka revives lost Warhol art in new bottle

Limited-edition bottle launch with pop artist’s foundation

Advert for Absolut Warhol with a picture of the bottle at the centre with a photo of Andy Warhol to the left and a photo of two friends taking a selfie to the right, the text reads Born to Mix.
Pernod Ricard’s Absolut Vodka brand has revived the lost Andy Warhol painting Absolut ‘blue’ in its new limited edition bottle featuring the artwork.

ABSOLUT Vodka has revived a long lost painting from pop artist Andy Warhol in its new limited-edition Absolut Warhol bottle.

Made in collaboration with The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, the new bottle has been inspired by the rediscovery of Warhol’s Absolut ‘blue’ painting thought both internal and external bottle design elements.

Pack shots of Absolut Warhol.
The limited-edition bottle features design elements from the Warhol artwork.

The 1985 work of art has been recreated on the bottle with each shade of blue carefully extracted from the painting and onto the bottle to help deliver what Pernod Ricard, parent company of Absolut, calls a “striking likeness” to the original.

The Absolut Warhol limited-edition one litre bottle will see an initial launch in global travel retail outlets for an RRP of $24 and €22 for a period of two months before it rolls out across more than 50 global markets in September in both a one litre format and 700ml bottle.

Michael Dayton Hermann, director of licensing, marketing and sales at The Andy Warhol Foundation, said: “Our collaboration with Absolut Vodka celebrates Warhol’s enduring artistic cultural influence through his belief in the power of art to provoke thought and inspire change.

“We are thrilled to see this dynamic campaign come to life, inviting new generations to engage with this legacy in a fresh and dynamic way.

“Proceeds from this impactful collaboration will generously support the philanthropic work of The Andy Warhol Foundation in fulfilling its mission to advance the visual arts and projects that challenge the status quo.”

Deb Dasgupta, VP global marketing for Absolut Vodka, said: “We are thrilled to collaborate with The Andy Warhol Foundation to reintroduce this timeless Absolut Warhol artwork to the public.

“Embracing our values of inclusivity and a commitment to fostering a culture of boundless creative expression, we aim to unite diverse choices and spark meaningful conversations to inspire positive change through the transformative power of art.

“With the limited-edition bottle, we are excited to offer consumers everywhere a chance to become part of the Absolut Warhol legacy and to own their own piece of artwork.