UEFA Euro 2024 build-up – Topps

Get ready for this summer’s big football tournament

Scotland captain Andy Robertson was shown his mural made up of 5,000 cards.
Scotland captain Andy Robertson was shown his mural made up of 5,000 cards.

COLLECTIBLE memorabilia firm Topps has built on its UEFA Euros collection.

Following on from the launch of its Euro 2024 Match Attax and Sticker Collection release, the trading card firm is now launching its Premium Packs, with the first out on 2 May.

Further to this, the firm will also release a Match Attax Update Multipack release, helping to build up excitement for younger consumers as we approach the first match of the UEFA Euros on 14 June.

And going one step further in its support of the Scotland squad at the tournament, Topps has unveiled a spectacular artwork of the captain of the national team, Andy Robertson, made up of 5000 Match Attax cards.

Not only paying respect to the Scottish footballer, Topps said the artwork also expresses the passion for football that many Scottish consumers feel.

The artwork also saw acclaim right across the UK, featuring on news bulletins for Sky Sports and BBC Scotland, as well as on the Liverpool FC fan site, with Robertson playing for the famous club as well.

Speaking about the mural, Roberston said: “My brother and I used to collect cards and sticker books as kids, we loved doing it. My son and all his mates now collect sticker books and they all enjoy seeing me on the front of the book as well. It’s a surreal moment.

“Seeing this kind of thing is a reminder of the honour of getting to play for the Scotland team. Not too long ago Scotland wouldn’t have even been in the book, now we are and rightly so.”