UEFA Euro 2024 build-up – Corinthian Brands

Get ready for this summer’s big football tournament

Dragon Soop owner Corinthian Brands has urged retailers to stock up on its range of Dragon Soop drinks ahead of the Euros to drive the RTD opportunity.

Dragon Soop is a hugely successful market leading Caffeinated Alcoholic Beverage launched 14 years ago. Dragon Soop is available in a 500ml 7.5% ABV can in the Off Trade through our wholesale partners. Dragon Soop is available in a variety of flavours delivering a unique drinking experience.

It’s massive popularity, spread by word of mouth from the start, has driven high national distribution.

An ice bucket with cans of Dragon Soop and lighting inside against a black background.
Offering a convenient cocktail option for at-home parties this summer.

Available in all regions of the country, inc. Channel Islands, has now found its way into popular holiday hot spots favoured by holidaying Brits including Benidorm, Ibiza, Magaluf, Costa Brava and Tenerife.

Dragon Soop is a 2.5million case brand & growing, it’s outperforming the total off trade drinks market in volume and value measurement.

Dragon Soop is the #1 Alcoholic RTD in the GB Impulse Market.  *ACN March 2024.

Dragon Soop is also available in a 250ml 7.5% ABV sleek can specifically introduced for on-trade customers to enjoy in clubs and bars, as a cocktail base, or to savour on its own.