Strongbow strings up Strawberry

New berry cider innovation from Heineken

Pack shots of the new Strongbow Strawberry including a single 500ml bottle as well as a four pack of 440ml cans.
Strongbow strings up another piece of NPD with the launch of its new Strawberry Cider variant in time for summer, exclusive to Tesco Group stores.

GLOBAL drinks giant Heineken UK has launched its latest innovative piece of NPD for Strongbow with its new Strawberry Cider variant.

Aiming to drive up the demand for berry variants over the summer months, the new Strongbow Strawberry Cider is available exclusively through Tesco Group including Tesco, Booker and One Stop stores.

Coming in a 500ml single bottle as well as a four pack of 440ml cans with RRPs for the new launches sitting RRPs of £2.35 and £5.50 respectively.

Offering a blend of the crisp Strongbow apple cider with wild strawberries and natural strawberry juice, this juicy blend helps to offer a brighter take on the classic cider category staple.

Further to this, its bold red colour will help to improve stand out on shelves for retailers, says Heineken, who reckons plenty of shoppers will catch their eyes on the new variant.

The launch will also be supported by a wider £10million marketing campaign to help drive up awareness over the summer months.

This latest piece of NPD from Strongbow swiftly follows on from the launch of Strongbow Zest, which rolled out to Tesco and Asda stores in March of this year and is set to come to the convenience market in June.

Rachel Holms, cider brand director at Heineken UK, said: “Strongbow Strawberry is set to elevate our refreshing and great tasting cider range ahead of the peak summer season.

“As the most popular profile in flavoured cider, Strongbow Strawberry has seen incredible consumer testing results.

“Our aim is to attract new consumers into the cider category, especially those craving fresh innovation and new flavour experiences.

“Last year, we launched Strongbow Tropical into the market, which was crowned Product of the Year and the number one cider innovation in 2023, followed by Strongbow Zest earlier this year, so we know there is an appetite for new flavours in the category.

“We recommend retailers stock up now to take advantage of summer sales.”