Strongbow offers an arrow of Zest

New flavour fires across the Strongbow cider range

Promotional image of Stronbow Zest Cider.
Heineken UK has added a zesty new arrow to its Strongbow quiver with the launch of Strongbow Zest Cider.

HEINEKEN UK has a zesty new addition to its quiver with the launch of its new Strongbow variant.

Strongbow Zest offers a thirst-quenching apple cider that has been blended with lime, lemon and orange flavours and will come to convenience retail in June.

Heineken the new variant aims to offer consumers greater choice and variety of flavours within the Strongbow cider range to suit current consumers’ tastebuds but to also encourage more shoppers to join the cider category.

The new variant will see an exclusive launch across the grocery channel in March in both Tesco stores and Asda stores but will go on to roll out across convenience and wholesale during April.

The 500ml can format along with the four pack of 440ml cans will come to both channels in April with RRPs for the two sitting at £1.50 and £5.50 respectively. Both are currently available exclusively to Tesco stores.

And, ideal for the summer months, Heineken will bring a 10 pack of 330ml cans of the new variant to convenience and wholesale in June, with an RRP of £10. This is currently stocked in Asda stores.

Rachel Holms, cider brand director at Heineken UK, said: “We’re excited to launch Strongbow Zest into the market ahead of the Cider season.

“Through the launch, our ambition is to continue to recruit new consumers into the cider category, particularly those who are on the hunt for fresh innovation and new flavour experiences.

“Last year, we launched Strongbow Tropical into the market, which was crowned Product of the Year and the number one cider innovation in 2023, so we know there is an appetite for new flavours in the category.

“We recommend retailers stock up as soon as possible to take advantage of summer sales.”