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Convenience channel and Scottish food and drink producers set to benefit

The Knowledge Bank expert and Lumina Intelligence share data analysis

Carol Saunders has been highlighting the valuable work of The Knowledge Bank.
Carol Saunders has been highlighting the valuable work of The Knowledge Bank.

SCOTTISH consumers have a growing preference for local produce, whether Scotland-wide or with a more regional focus, research by analysis body The Knowledge Bank shows.

Carol Saunders, head of insights with the organisation, said the trend reflected a broader societal shift towards sustainability and a desire to contribute to the Scottish economy.

And speaking as she celebrated the end of her first year in the job, Saunders vowed to ensure the nation’s food and drink producers could get the most out of the work carried out by The Knowledge Bank.

She said: “Looking ahead, I will be focused on raising awareness of The Knowledge Bank and deepening engagement with our resources.

“It’s not just about providing access to valuable insights, it’s about ensuring our producers know how to leverage them effectively.”

Saunders said working closely with producers and retailers would be key to navigating challenges such as climate change impacts and evolving consumer behaviours.

She said: “Our goal is to identify growth opportunities and provide support throughout the entire supply chain.”

The expert claimed The Knowledge Bank offered unparalleled consumer insights for Scottish food and drink firms.

She argued that understanding consumers and staying abreast of market trends was vital for the long-term growth and profitability of brands.

Saunders concluded: “I am proud to serve the sector and look forward to the continued delivery of data-led success for the industry.”

Food to go is becoming increasingly important in convenience, reckons Lumina Intelligence.
Food to go is becoming increasingly important in convenience, reckons Lumina Intelligence.

Meanwhile, Scottish retailers stand to benefit from insight firm Lumina Intelligence’s latest report shining a light on UK convenience channel trends.

Notable findings in the Price, Promotion and NPD Report 2024 include the rapid adoption of loyalty programmes within convenience.

Retailers are said to be leveraging the schemes to drive repeat visits and engagement, particularly with food to go.

And the growing presence of hybrid work arrangements is anticipated to positively impact food to go sales, as consumers seek convenient meal solutions amid changing lifestyle patterns, reckons Lumina Intelligence.

Promotion shoppers are also pivotal in the success of c-stores, exhibiting higher spending and visitation rates compared to typical customers.

The report also highlights the narrowing of the price premium gap between convenience and supermarkets, as retailers pass on cost savings to consumers through promotions.

And own-brand products continue to gain traction, with value-led shoppers drawn to offers, while quality-led buyers are embracing premium and vegan options.

Meanwhile, Lumina says impulse innovations, including expansions in soft drink flavours and environmentally friendly options, are driving new product development strategies.

Lumina insight lead Sunjaya Nagaraja said: “This report offers invaluable insights into the UK convenience market.

“By understanding the nuances of pricing, promotions and new product development, stakeholders can make informed decisions to drive growth and innovation within the sector.”