Free Skwishee Day returns

Consumers can pick up a free cup of Skwishee

Free Skwishee Day is set to return for this year once again as the frozen fizzy drink firm has announced its new date of Saturday 25 May.

FROZEN fizzy drinks brand Skwishee has announced the return of its Free Skwishee Day promotion for 2024.

Taking place on Saturday 25 May, the promotion allows customers to visit one of any of the over 200 Skwishee stockists nationwide to claim their free cup of Skwishee.

The Free Skwishee Day has become an annual event for parent firm Glenshire Group which sees thousands of litres of the frozen beverage dispensed over the course of the day.

Last year’s event saw 71,000 litres of the products dispensed over a 16 hour period, says Glenshire Group, with one site in Chadwell, East London welcoming 1750 customers through the door on the day due to word spreading about the free drink promotion.

This marks one of two annual events in the Skwishee calendar as well, with Bring Your Own Cup Day set to come later in the year which encourages consumers to get imaginative and bring in their own ‘cup’ to fill to the brim with a frozen drink. Previous years have seen the likes of fish bowls, plastic buckets and teapots being used.

And its events like these that helps to set the Skwishee brand apart from competitors, that is according to Raza Rehman, managing director of Skwishee, who says the brand remains the only frozen drinks company to host these nationwide events.

Rehman said: “We are deeply committed to increasing foot traffic in our partner stores, enhancing Skwishee’s brand visibility and attracting new customers through the excitement generated by our national marketing efforts.

“With our background in retail, we understand what it takes to help our stockists sgtand out and become destination stores.”

David Bateman, national sales manager at Skwishee, said: “There is a real buzz in the air amongst our stockists. Our brand ambassadors are visiting Skwishee retailers, helping to make sure they are fully prepared for the event.

“With this support, our stockists are now ready to enjoy the heightened footfall and additional sales that Free Skwishee Day brings.”