Mackie’s fires up frozen sales

Match to the trending products during the summer

Kirsten Blockley, national account manager at Mackie's of Scotland, stands in front of the Mackie's of Scotland sign.
Mackie’s of Scotland aims to ramp up sales across the freezer as more Scottish consumers seek some sweet treats to cool off with in the sun.

COOLING off in the rising heat will see the freezers quickly empty during the summer months.

This makes frozen treats such as ice cream an ideal tool in convenience store owners’ arsenals to drive up sales.

And when it comes to this, consumers want a brand they know and can trust, making the range from Mackie’s of Scotland an absolute must-stock for the summer months.

Offering a breadth of flavour varieties in its selection, the Aberdeenshire ice cream makers can ensure retailers meet the demand for more premium ice cream choice in the freezers, with its Traditional, Honeycomb or Strawberry Swirl flavours, to name a few.

Kirsten Blockley, national account manager at Mackie’s of Scotland, said: “During the summer months, frozen treats experience a noticeable increase in sales across Scotland.

“In warmer weather, consumers tend to purchase larger packs in anticipation of continued warmth, but retailers can also capitalise on unexpected sunny days by positioning single-serve items as impulse buys near the checkout area.

“Retailers should strive to create a frozen fixture that is both eye-catching and easy to shop.

“Effective merchandising can be achieved by using clear signage and lighting to enhance product visibility and organising products by category and brand to facilitate an easy and pleasant shopping experience.”

And with the summer presenting such as strong opportunity to drive up extra sales across the frozen section, so too will it provide ample chance to push for the link-up options.

Blockley has suggested that Mackie’s range need only make up part of the basket for the summer months, as giving consumers the chance build up their baskets further for a big night in during summer will be key.

Mackie’s could provide an edge in this case in particular. With its provincial qualities and sustainable production, it will be a clear winner for shoppers this summer, so Blockley reckons.

She said: “There are significant growth opportunities in expanding offerings of premium, locally made and sustainable products to meet evolving consumer preferences.

“Retailers can use their frozen range to generate link sales by cross-promoting related products, such as offering toppings with ice creams or pairing drinks with frozen desserts.

“Implementing deals, multibuys, meal deals and promotional mechanics around these items can drive increased sales across multiple categories.”