Fini pushes PMP solution

Family confectioner says price-marked packs can boost basket spend

Catching impulse sales means offering a PMP solution, says sweets firm Fini.
Catching impulse sales means offering a PMP solution, says sweets firm Fini.

WHETHER it’s that spur-of-the-moment treat for a loved one or a planned night in on the couch, retailers should stand ready to meet any shopping mission consumers have in the sweetie aisle.

Family-owned confectionery business Fini reckons this is absolutely key in ensuring a sweets section remains a strong one for convenience and PMP options will hold retailers in good stead in this situation, too.

Fini has therefore shouted out its zipplable doypacks, which include multiple different sweets from the confectioner, appealing to a raft of consumer preferences.

Packs come in both plain and PMP formats as well to help communicate better-value options to shoppers and reassure them they aren’t getting a bad deal when it comes to their treats.

Perfect for sharing and portion control, the firm said the packs are ideal for the impulse convenience trade, encouraging shoppers to make that snap judgment on either a planned or unplanned packet of sweets, especially when it comes to price-marked formats for the brand.

A spokesperson for Fini said: “Both planned and top-up shopping missions continue to drive growth within the channel. However, impulse shopping is driving the most growth.

“Retailers can take advantage of this by not only purchasing our products but also positioning them within the ‘impulse triangle’ of a shop floor.

“The PMPs then act as the final catalyst, and we offer both formats to retailers.”

Give consumers Extra gum options, says Mars Wrigley

Mars Wrigley has highlighted its Extra fruity gum range.
Mars Wrigley has highlighted its Extra fruity gum range.

FRUITY gum continues its strong performances across the wider gum category as the flavour over-indexes with younger audiences.

According to LIVE data, fruity gum is the fastest growing gum segment, with a 25% increased rate of sale and 70% of fruity gum growth building sales for the gum category.

As such, Mars Wrigley has pushed retailers to stay well stocked on its own fruity gum offering, particularly from the Extra chewing gum range.

This follows on from the recent nationwide launch of its Extra Sugarfree Watermelon variant, which rolled out across retail channels in February this year.

Matt Boulter, UK sales director at Mars Wrigley, said: “Mars Wrigley has launched a NEW gum innovation nationwide, EXTRA®Sugarfree Watermelon, in response to sustained growth within fruity gum.

“Backed by a £2.1m campaign media spend supporting the total fruit range including Refreshers, this is the brand’s first-ever Watermelon flavour, demonstrating its commitment to innovation, leadership, and penetration, bringing new consumers into the category.”