Air fryer out the financial worry

McCain offers frozen solutions to cost-of-living crisis

Retailers can take advantage of the growing popularity of air fryers across the frozen section with the likes of McCain's products.
Retailers can take advantage of the growing popularity of air fryers across the frozen section with McCain’s products.

DEMANDS for a convenient dinner for the planet-conscious consumer will see shoppers flock to air fryer solutions for their meals.

Using less power than standard ovens and with faster cooking times, the machines have a clear appeal for many shoppers.

Frozen potato foods brand McCain is now keen to ensure that retailers can make the most out of this wildly popular consumer trend with its own McCain Air Fryer Quick & Crispy range.

Coming in both French Fries and Deep Ridge Crinkle chips options, the new McCain Air Fryer range offers consumers the chance to elevate their evening meals in a healthier and more time-efficient way.

Naomi Tinker, category director at McCain Foods, said: “There has been a noticeable rise in the use of air fryers, as consumers desire quick, convenient and economically friendly meals that maximise taste, quality and price for less.

“This is a trend that McCain is continuing to look to simplify for shoppers, with our new Air Fryer range tapping into consumers’ desire for quality, convenience and speed when preparing tasty food for their families.”

On top of this, the appeal of the more energy-efficient option of an air fryer will suit those financially concerned shoppers out there who, with the cost-of-living crisis in mind, seek more budget-friendly solutions for the evening meal.

Tinker said: “Frozen foods are often seen as a more cost-friendly option and, as the cost-of-living crisis continues, consumers are likely to reach for products that are both healthy and affordable.

“To increase sales and drive forward the perception of affordability on frozen products, wholesalers and retailers should provide products that cater to different customer preferences and offer competitive pricing.”

Additionally, energy efficiency means less of a burden on the planet, something else many consumers, particularly younger generations such as Gen Z, are increasingly concerned about and will be looking in store to find those brands that are doing their bit and chipping in.

That’s exactly the name of the game for McCain Foods, as well, as the brand kicked off its ‘Let’s All Chip In’ campaign in the latter half of 2023 to highlight the farm-to-fork journey for the brand, something the company believes is of the utmost importance to communicate to the younger generations.

Tinker said: “We’re also seeing shoppers wanting to know more about where food comes from and the impact it has on the environment.

“In particular, 64% of Gen Z would be interested in knowing more about where their food comes from, with 68% wanting to make informed choices.

“Recent findings by McCain also revealed that Gen Z are twice as likely as over-55s to be concerned about the environmental impact of the way products they buy at the supermarket are produced.

“At McCain, we have committed to 100% regenerative farming by 2030.

“We’re training and funding farmers in regenerative practices, including rotating crops to keep the soil healthy, planting wildflowers to attract birds and insects, and moving the soil less to release less carbon.”